We strive to supply a healthy dessert alternative promoting wellness through CBD infused high protein ice creams, while providing an incredibly creamy texture and decadent flavor!

Our Goal

At Heavenly Hash Creamery, we strive to improve the quality of life in others, using our premium frozen desserts as a delivery system to target therapy for various health conditions and wellness.

Our Flavors

Lemon Blueberry

"Heaven sent" is our Lemon Blueberry ice cream. Made with fresh blueberries bursting with flavor in a zesty and light lemon base, this flavor is a consumer favorite.

French Vanilla

Our classic French Vanilla is smooth and dreamy, made with real Madagascar vanilla and vanilla beans. Delicious on its own or used to make your favorite smoothie!

Salted Caramel

This luxurious ice cream is the ideal balance of sweet yet salty, rich yet light and decadent. Everything an ice cream should be - you won't be disappointed!