Our Vision & Mission

Heavenly Hash

Heavenly Hash Creamery was founded by an oncology nurse and an ice cream maker. Through the hundreds of interactions with cancer patients and families, we saw a need for better nutrition. Patients were unable to taste, swallow and unfortunately succumb to muscle wasting and weight loss known as cachexia syndrome.

Why not create an ice cream that tastes fantastic, stimulates the taste buds and provide the benefit of cannabinoids (also known as CBD or hemp oil)? As we say in the ice cream world, to top it off, add a proprietary high protein and high fat formula to keep the weight on and heal faster!

The Ice cream maker knew that it was important to keep with the purest and cleanest ingredients and magic was created.

For those that don’t need the high fat and high protein, we can offer our other line without the proprietary formula.

HHC Flavors

HHC+ Flavors

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Product Details

All-natural gourmet ice cream infused with CBD oil derived from hemp. They are sold in single serving 5 ounce containers with the option of 20mg, 40mg or 60mg of CBD.

Available in 7 flavors designed to increase the salivary flow in patients who might have had been exposed to radiation or chemotherapy.

French Vanilla

Creamy Cocoa


Mint Chocolate Chip

Lemon Blueberry

Salted Caramel

Strawberry Swirl 

Each flavor is offered in the regular HHC version and the high fat / high protein HHC+ version.