A Mission Driven Brand Strategy

“To improve the quality of life in others utilizing premium frozen desserts as targeted therapies for various health conditions and wellness.”

Susan K Scherer - CEO Founder

"During my nursing career, I saw patients who were struggling with getting enough nutrition, and experiencing extreme weight loss due to medical treatments and conditions (Cachexia syndrome is just one example). The market doesn’t offer appealing high protein products, and those that do exist generally don’t taste good, and patients don’t want to consume them. Heavenly Hash Creamery was born as the result of a broad patient/consumer need for a tasty dietary supplement which people would actually enjoy eating. Our flagship ice cream, HHC Protein, delivers high protein and is available in flavors intended to stimulate the consumer’s sense of taste. We continued to develop HHC Protein "Plus". This is our HHC Protein ice cream infused with the added benefits of CBD. Together both products serve the growing demand for products that promote wellness while providing a sensory pleasing experience."

Meet our Team?

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Why Our Ice Cream?

Ideal Meal Supplement

4 ounce serving size with 4 different flavor profiles providing additional protein to your diet.


Minimum 8 grams of protein to support and promote muscle development.

Weight Management

All natural ingredients formulated to add and maintain body weight and improve overall digestive health.


CBD* is believed to help reduce inflammation, ease anxiety, assist with muscle recovery and promote overall wellness**.


We take pride in providing a line of eco-friendly coolers that are gentle to the environment. Say hello to Green Cell Foam.
A biodegradable foam material made entirely from corn starch.

*Only available in HHC Protein Plus.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please do not replace any current medications or treatments unless consulted with your doctor.

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