Manatee County company making CBD-infused ice cream. Bay News 9

LAKEWOOD RANCH, Fla. -- A company out of Manatee County is taking its ice cream to the next level, by infusing cannabis into its flavors.  The company is called Heavenly Hash Creamery in Lakewood Ranch.

  • Company infuses cannabis into ice cream
  • Heavenly Hash Creamery in Lakewood Ranch
  • Ice cream contains CBD isolate, not THC

"Its pure CBD isolate,” said co-owner Matt Eastman. "This is all of the good things that come from the cannabinoid plant without the hallucinogenic effect."

That’s because the ice cream doesn’t contain THC. But Eastman said the list of ailments it can help is endless.

"Pain, nausea, inflammation,” he said. 

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