Lady with a toothache

Ice Cream After Having Your Teeth Pulled?

The Benefits of Ice Cream After Having Your Teeth Pulled For years, dental care professionals have recommended ice cream to limit swelling and pain after the local anesthesia wears off. ...
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What is Cachexia Syndrome?

What is Cachexia Syndrome? Cachexia Syndrome is the unintentional excessive loss of weight and muscle. The syndrome is a side effect of chronic conditions like cancer, type 1 diabetes, HIV, ...
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Jeff Slater Interview with Susan Scherer

Jeffery Slater’s Interview with Susan Scherer

Susan Scherer, CEO/Founder of Heavenly Hash Creamery discusses HHC Protein and Protein PLUS ice creams. Radio host Jeffery Slater, of Cox Media Group, interviewed Susan Scherer recently on his podcast ...
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