Heavenly Hash Creamery Covid-19 Response

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Dear Valued Clients, Customers and Supporters,
Heavenly Hash Creamery was founded on the mission of increasing the quality of life for people through our products. As a nurse, who has worked with the critically ill and immuno-compromised patients most of my life  I wanted you to know that our team is dedicated to being there for you during this confusing and uncertain time.

Our promises to you!

WE continue to uphold the most stringent sanitation practices during the manufacturing of our product.

WE continue to educate our staff on good hygiene practices, while providing a supportive and safe working environment for those who are feeling ill, allowing them to remain home.

WE have restricted visitors, vendors and solicitors from entering our locked facilities.

WE will continue to ship our products as we know that high protein is needed in assisting the healing process.

WE also understand that you may not want to go out and seek our products in a retail location. Home delivery will continue to be an option. Because we are shipping a perishable item that needs to arrive frozen, we are in constant contact with our shipping partners regarding timely delivery. In the future, shipping companies may become overextended due to the increased demand on home delivered products. If this occurs, we will continue to communicate expectations so you can make an informed decision.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those that are effected economically, medically and emotionally by the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Stay Safe and Best Regards,

Susan Scherer, RN, BSN, OCN
Heavenly Hash Creamery