Virgin Heavenly Mudslide

Celebrating birthdays is
always a fun GIRLFRIEND FEST!

Recently I had been on a very restricting Elimination Diet to find out what was triggering my personal health issues. The menu items did not allow for tasty gluten, dairy, sugar or alcohol filled items. Thank goodness my final phases showed that our HHC Protein Ice Cream was NOT a trigger.


Due to the low casein and low lactose in our ice-cream, I am able to experience our HHC Protein Ice Creams as a tasty treat. Of course, as an adult treat the girls created a High Protein Mud Slide!

Now THAT is my kind of drink.

This creative mix-ology included

1-4oz serving of HHC Protein or Protein PLUS CBD Creamy Cocoa Ice Cream

1 packet instant coffee

Blended with a handful of ice cubes.

Wha-la! HHC Mudslide! Might I say, “It was Fantastic!”