Jeffery Slater’s Interview with Susan Scherer

Podcast-Jeffery Slater, Cox Media Interviews Susan Scherer

Susan Scherer, CEO/Founder of Heavenly Hash Creamery discusses HHC Protein and Protein PLUS ice creams.

Radio host Jeffery Slater, of Cox Media Group, interviewed Susan Scherer recently on his podcast about her ice cream company and the benefits of CBD. In the interview Slater asks Susan about her background in healthcare and how it inspired her to find a way to add protein to patient’s diet through ice cream.

Treatments and disease can cause muscle and weight loss, HHC Protein and Protein PLUS ice creams uses ice cream as a delivery system, to add fats and protein into someones diet. Along with the high protein, this tasty product is kosher, soy free, gluten free, low lactose and low casein.

Scherer mentions ” Knowing how important nutrition and protein is to a patient’s diet and healing process  I wanted to make something that tasted great.” Lemon Blueberry, Creamy Cocoa, Salted Caramel and French Vanilla that would stimulate the taste buds. HHC Protein PLUS ice cream is infused with 50mg of CBD.

Scherer discusses the Cannabis side of CBD vs THC, and how CBD in the HHC Protein PLUS ice cream has been beneficial to patients. Click on the YouTube link below to hear the entire interview.