A Mission Driven Brand Strategy

Heavenly Hash Creamery:
“To improve the quality of life in others utilizing premium frozen desserts as targeted therapies for various health conditions and wellness.”

Owner, Sisan Scherer, holding a cup of Heavenly Hash Ice Cream

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Where did Heavenly Hash Creamery come from?

"During my nursing career, I saw patients who were struggling to get enough nutrition in their diet. They were experiencing extreme weight loss due to disease, medical treatments and other metabolic conditions. Caregivers were feeling helpless watching their loved one waste away knowing that proper nutrition could improve the bodies ability to fight infection and heal faster. Most of all it would improve their quality of life! Historically , the healthcare market only offered poor tasting, grainy texture, high protein products combined with a decrease in appetite only made the nutrtion status worse. In 2018, Heavenly Hash Creamery was created as an alternative by providing an indulegent, great tasting, creamy, high protein ice cream that people would actually enjoy eating. Heavenly Hash Creamery ice cream developed flavors intended to stimulate the salivary glands in people that might have lost their taste. As on oncology nurse, I was a huge proponent of cannabis and how it could provide benefits for patients struggling with nausea, poor appetite, anxiety etc. So it only made sense to add it to our already delicious ice cream. In 2020, Heavenly Hash Creamery CBD Ice Cream became the only ice cream cannabis company to manufacture on a large scale in the State of Florida. Heavenly Hash Creamery continues to innovate and create products based on scientific evidence . Heavenly Hash Creamery's intellectual property and patents continue to make an impact on consumers lives and promote wellness while providing a sensory pleasing experience."

Susan Scherer RN,BSN, OCN
CEO and Founder