HHC Protein Ice Cream

Creamy Cocoa Ice Cream

Attention Chocolate Lovers!

220 CALORIES with 8 grams of protein per 4oz serving

Nothing is more heavenly than our Creamy Cocoa high protein ice cream. Our velvety rich, chocolate ice cream is made from the finest cocoa. This decadent treat makes us happy. Dark chocolate makes us do the happy dance. Rich and creamy, decadent, ultra-rich-chocoholic-dream is just one way to describe our ice cream. There is no soy in our products, therefore creating the perfect ice cream for those that need extra protein and are looking at the healthy benefits associated with the finer things in life!

For help locating a store to purchase from or distribution,
please call 833-423-9333.

Kof-K logo Jewish certification for Kosher
low lactose icon ice cream
low casein icon ice cream
Gluten Free icon ice cream
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soy free icon ice cream
dysphagia rating 4-pureed 3 moderately thick