HHC Protein Ice Cream

scoops of vanilla ice cream

Nothing “VANILLA” About This Ice Cream!

220 CALORIES with 9 grams of protein per 4oz serving

Our French Vanilla Ice Cream is made with the old-fashioned flavors that we love! Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar are rich, dark and creamy with a sensationally sweet, buttery aroma. The creamy, mouth-watering vanilla ice cream is a taste explosion. The smooth creamy textured ice cream grabs your taste buds, making you want more. You would never know that this delicious vanilla has 9g of protein per serving!

For help locating a store to purchase from or distribution,
please call 833-423-9333.

Kof-K logo Jewish certification for Kosher
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dysphagia rating 4-pureed 3 moderately thick