Up in Smoke in the Cape

Up In Smoke in the Cape

I recently had the opportunity to interview the general manager Lori, with Up in Smoke in the Cape. Owners, Tina and Charlie Blair opened their store in Cape Coral, Florida as a business opportunity in January of 2018. Tina embraced her passion for helping others by starting this CBD business and continued her semi-retirement from the cut and color world, by adding a salon to the existing store.

By treating customers like family, the store has become a positive, fun location to hang out. They pride themselves on being a premium smoke shop. Providing the finest selections of high-quality smoke and natural healing products that are guaranteed to pamper your mind, body and soul. Up in Smoke in the Cape is a place where someone can relax and learn about the culture of medical marijuana and the many uses of CBD products for healing and well-being.

Heavenly Hash Creamery Ice Cream Became a Delicious Addition to our Products

Up in Smoke in the Cape was one of the original stores to carry HHC ice creams. Tina met Susan Scherer, founder of Heavenly Hash Creamery at a tradeshow in 2018. The creamy delicious CBD ice cream was a hit from the start. Customers enjoyed the dosing choices that were available and the different flavors.

What’s your favorite flavor?

I asked which flavors from the past were most requested? The flavors Salted Caramel and Lemon Blueberry were really liked, but an overwhelming response from everyone was to bring the Mint Chocolate Chip back. The creamy green ice cream with chunks of chocolate chips had that fresh minty flavor. I’m adding my tally mark as well! More flavors are coming out, and everyone is excited to hear that their favorite flavors may be coming back.

Bumps in the Road

HHC had to stop production of the ice cream in early 2019, because the law to allow hemp in food (dairy) had not yet passed. Many people were upset because they couldn’t get the cannabis ice cream. This past January 2020, legislation passed laws allowing hemp in dairy. Thanks to the new laws, Up in Smoke in the Cape can sell the beloved ice cream again. They are happy to be able to stock two of the favorite flavors, HHC Protein PLUS Lemon Blueberry and Salted Caramel and are looking forward to additional flavors.

Don’t miss out on the upcoming events at Up in Smoke in the Cape.  Canna-Class, November 24th at 5pm
Offering helpful tips and education on products and dispensary related questions by Fluent Dispensary’s.

Up in Smoke in the Cape
1059 NE Pine Island Rd., Cape Coral, FL (239) 470-1955