What is Cachexia Syndrome?

What is Cachexia Syndrome?

Elderly woman with caregiverCachexia Syndrome is the unintentional excessive loss of weight and muscle. The syndrome is a side effect of chronic conditions like cancer, type 1 diabetes, HIV, Crohn’s and Multiple Sclerosis to mention a few.

Malnutrition in cancer patients ranges from 30% to 80%. Cachexia is a syndrome characterized by an ongoing loss of lean body mass (LBM). with negative protein and energy balance driven by reduced food intake combined with an abnormal metabolism and systemic inflammation.


The most significant feature of cancer cachexia is muscle loss (sarcopenia). This relates to a number of symptoms:
1. Fatigue
2. Impaired physical function
3. Reduced tolerance to treatments
4. Impaired quality of life and
5. Reduced survival.


Sarcopenia is present in 20%–70% of patients, depending on the type of cancer. 


Why is HHC Protein a Positive Benefit?

Heavenly Hash Creamery Protein Ice Cream was created to battle some effects caused by disease. Founder Susan Scherer, has a critical care nursing background in oncology. Susan saw her patients struggling to get enough nutrition from the products on the market. Her patients didn’t like the taste of the product. As a result, they didn’t eat.  By not eating, their treatment and health became compromised due to lack of nutrition.

Malnutrition and cachexia-related weight loss in cancer patients is thought to be caused by a combination of factors under-nutrition, inflammation, and cancer-induced catabolism. Cancer patients experience a range of nutritional problems. Some problems include poor appetite and feeling full due to metabolic changes and lack of nutrition. Patients may lose their sense of taste, smell and/or swallowing problems (dysphagia). Nutritional intake can also be influenced by pain, fatigue and psychological problems.

HHC Protein is protein-fortified, offered in flavors that stimulate the taste buds, without the protein aftertaste.  Our product serves the growing demand for products that promote wellness and taste great! Try our product for yourself and your loved ones.